Kazem Davoudian was born in Mashhad, Iran in1956. He received his B.A in music from the college of Arts at the Tehran University in1980. His performance skills were enriched by the notable teachers Esmaeel Tehrani(Santur) and Bahman Rajabi(Tonbak). His has also studied under supervision of renowned composers such as Kambiz Roshan-Ravan, Shahin Farhat and Mohammad Pourtorab.


During the years 1983-1989 he dedicated much of his time to composing music. He was commissioned to write a number of works for the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Tehran by the Iranian National Radio and Television. These include: The Mystery of Life, Asmar, and Shorydeh; to name a few. Soundtrack for the movie “Grand Cinema” and “Think of the Kind Mountain” (A documentary by Khosro Sinaei) are among his other works.


After migrating to the United States he has continued contributing to the growth and development of Persian Music through performing, composing and teaching. He toured the U.S. and Canada with Hossein Alizadeh and the Dastan Ensemble in 1991. Since then he formed Haftahang Music Center and conducted master classes in many Universities in the U.S.

His recent activities include a number of solo performances and conducting his Orchestral works performed by various Ensembles in places such as Wolftrap, Masonic National Memorial Theater and The Kennedy Center in Washington metropolitan area. He has released 4 albums and his composition on a poem by “Nima Youchidje” for vocalist Mohammad-Reza Shajarian is to be released soon.



For symphonic orchestra and choir:

  1. Rebirth, 1985
  2. The resurrection of the flowers, 1985
  3. A piece in Shur and Dashti, along with traditional instruments, 1986
  4. “Varsaaghi”, based on a Turkman folk melody, 1986
  5. “Raaz-e Hayaat”, commissioned by the Iranian Department of Agriculture, 1987
  6. Endeavor, 1988
  7. Requiem, 1988
  8. Epic, 1996

 For strings, woodwind, and percussion:

  1. Fugue for string quartet, 1983
  2. Canon for violin and cello, 1983
  3. Autumn, for strings, 1986
  4. Duet for tar and santur, based on the folk melody “juni juni”, 1984
  5. Santur duo in Shur
  6. “Kaayer”, with vocals, based on a folk melody from Mazandaraan, 1994
  7. “Shurideh”, in Dashti, 1995
  8. “Asmar”, based on a folk melody from Kermaanshah, 1995
  9. “Faraaz”, 1997
  10. “Payvand”, quintet for piano, violin, flute, guitar, and cello, 1997
  11. An arrangement of an old song “cheshm-e mast”, with vocals by Mohammad Reza Shajarian (to be published), 1998
  12. Nima, based on a poem by Iranian modernist poet Nima Yushij, with vocals by Mohammad Reza Shajarian (to be published), 1998
  13. A piece in Dashti, with vocals by Mohammad Reza Shajarian (to be published), 1998
  14. Earthquake, dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in Northern Iran, 1990
  15. Duo for Tombak (percussion), 1993

 Film music:

  1. Grand Cinema, a film by Hassan Hedayat, 1988
  2. Think of the Gentle Mountains, a documentary by Khosrow Sinai, 1995

 Music for children:

  1. The dog and the bone, 1984
  2. Water and moonlight, 1984
  3. Popular music for the youth, 1984

 For traditional Persian ensemble:

  1. Chaharmezrab, in Bidaad, 1998
  2. A polyphonic piece in Dashti, 1898
  3. “Serr-e del”, with vocals, in Chahaargaah, 1998