Performing on Cello at  Music School of Tehran

Mohammad Reza Shajarian(left) and

Kazem Davoudian(right). 

2001 Washington DC.

Haftahang Ensemble. 

Kazem Davoudian (Right), Kaveh Jorabchi (middle), Behrouz Jamali (left)


With Orchestra as a Cellist.


With Orchestra as a Cellist.


Persian Music presentation at Boise State University


At Boise State University with  Behrouz Jamali (Percussion) and Kaveh Jourabchi (Kamanche).


Santur and Tabla.


Practice session with SHAHIN <composer and Guitarist> at SHAHIN's music studio.2001.


Middlebury College with Behrouz Jamali


Morrison Center at Boise.

Davoudian(Right), Jorabchi(middle),Jamali(Left)


Haftahang Music Class Haftahang Music Class